Chiselseason.com is a collection of online resources, meant to provide spiritual encouragement, education, and conviction. Host to blogs, videos, sermons, and other resources, this site provides easy sharing across online networks. Whether for personal use, or to equip those doing ministry, our hope is to alleviate some of the search for sound online resources so more time can be spent on content intake.

Contributor Jeff Bethke will tend to provide a larger array of content for personal use, using several multimedia platforms. He hopes to offer posts that will be convicting, challenging, and cause you to deeply consider your faith.

Jeff Cherry will be focusing on blogs and resources to equip college students trying to do ministry along with their academics, jobs, and athletics. He hopes to alleviate some of the burden of preparation and study that is required for college ministry.

Origin – Chisel Season started because of a set of tweets by Reach Records artist Andy Mineo. His tweets aimed to do exactly what this site’s hope is as well–encourage, shape, and convict. He is a solid brother who ministers through the avenue of Hip-Hop, looking to exalt Jesus in all aspects of life. Check out his stuff here.