Jeff Cherry

JeffCherryJeff Cherry is a recent graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington with a Bachelors degree in finance. He still lives very close to campus, leading and being involved in ministry at the college. Currently he oversees a weekly bible study, a monthly worship night, and many small groups in and around campus. His hope is that students redeem their college experience and find their joy by exalting the supremacy of Christ in all things.

When Jeff is not busy leading college ministry he can be found in Bellevue, Washington as an Athletic Director with Jubilee Reach, a non-profit community center that exists to be a bridge between the city and the church. One day Jeff hopes to plant a church and go into full time ministry.

Jeff Bethke (Jefferson Bethke)

JeffBethkeJeff Bethke graduated from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon in May of 2011. With a degree in political science, Jeff moved back to Tacoma, Washington to live and work where he grew up. Currently attending Mars Hill Church in Federal Way, Jeff has a heart to carry the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the inner city.

With the release of his Sexual Healing poem on Youtube, Jeff has been invited to speak at several churches both locally and across the country. He’s passionate about people understanding the magnitude of God’s grace and the freedom it provides from their past. Currently Jeff works for Jubilee Reach, a non-profit community center that exists to be a bridge between the city and the church.

Jonah Oh

Jonah Oh

Jonah graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington in May 2011. With a degree in Chemistry, Jonah is pursuing a career in the field, while preparing to go back to school for computer science.

Jonah oversees all the music in the college ministry For the King. Jonah is an accomplished musician and talented song writer. He hopes to continue training musicians and teaching them the impact that worship through music can have.

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Hey, I know you guys do a lot of great vids. I am agnostic, so religion is really not that big of a deal for me. I used to be Christian, and I respect the thought of what Christianity is supposed to mean; but I have trouble being apart of a group that deals with so much hatred to people who conflict with their views. I am a bisexual male, I am agnostic, I constantly question the integrity of the Bible, and I question the real motives behind Christianity. All this goes back to my first “I am…” because its hard to be a part of a community that is so often subjugated to prejudice, hatred , and constant damnation. I am not sure who but someone once said something along the lines of how many times does God have to create homosexuals before we get that He want them to be. I have been told that in the Bible in the new testament it says that Jesus says to sleep with a man as a woman sleeps with a man is a sin. but it seems to me that people stop there; further on in that passage it says that all who accept Jesus as their lord and savior will inherit the kingdom of heaven. I know this is a lot of ranting and, it might not be about a subject any of you agree with, but maybe you could do a video about this topic. Cause far as I am concern being a homosexual is not the sin, the sin is created by the people who rather put us through purgatory.

  • Ryan


I don’t know how many reply’s you all get a day but your video changed my life in a matter of 4 minutes. Jeff’s testimony made me realize that I’m going to be ok. I am a student at Texas State University and I’ve found it so difficult to get through the social part of the college life. Every time I go out with my friends I feel guilty and feel disgusting. Because I know what I’m doing isn’t what’s best for me. But the addiction is strong I find it hard to give up this life style that I am leading. But these videos are helping me realize that I’m going to be ok. And that everything is in gods timing. I know I have to have some sort of purpose in this world, because when I was 15 I suffered from a major brain tumor It was discovered when the tumor bleed out during my basketball practice. I woke up 2 days later and was told what had happened. I asked my dad if I was going to be ok and what he told me scared me because I can rely on my dad for anything and know that if I’m in trouble he’ll have an answer and what he for the first time he told me “I don’t know” I knew I was in trouble. My mom told me she went into the chapel there at the hospital and fell flat on her face and said “god I need you right now, please don’t take my son away from me if you spare his life I will give him right back to you” I was in ICU for 3 weeks and had to learn how walk again because I had been on bed rest that whole time. In those three weeks 4 people had died around me and priest came in and out of my room, I for sure thought this was the end but 7 years later I’m here in college and living on my own. See so I know that I’m meant to do something good or god would not have spared my life 7 years ago. But I want to thank you for helping me realize that everything is going to be ok. God is going to take care of me and brake all these addictions I have to things that don’t matter. Please feel free to contact me I can use all the support. Again thank you so much

  • Brian Martinez


I love the message that you all share! I was noticing that you spoke at an FCA meeting in Indy and was curious what times of year you are back out this way. My son and I are members of the FCA Motocross division here in Louisville Ky and I know our kids would love to be able to hear you. (especially since they are posting the poem on their facebook pages) We have motocross camps in which we usually have pastor Steve Hudson come speak but I think after the year our kids have had with so many loses of close friends (one just this last week in motocross accident Dylan First 316, that has really hit home) they would love to hear what you have to say too. Not to mention with you being closer in age to them they may understand even more. SO if it’s something you would be interested in please let me know. Our camps run from the end of May early June through the summer in Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, California and a few others. Thank you for the true message that you share 🙂

  • Cassandra Hester