Don’t Be A “Cherry Picker”

christian-crossDo you try and minimize God so you can feel comfortable? Do you emphasize certain characteristics of God and downplay others because they are hard to explain or comprehend?

There is a common practice of picking and choosing characteristics of God and putting together a sort of Mr. Potato Head version of God; one that we feel safe around.

Typically this involves an emphasis of love, forgiveness, and grace, while downplaying justice, wrath, and holiness. Too often we approach scripture simply wanting to confirm what we already believe about God, not hungry to learn more about who He is.

This is also a common thread we run into when we talk about the Old Testament. Admittedly, it does have some “hard to swallow”… [read more]

Thoughts On Life And Prayer (Jonah Oh)

Even as I write this, I’m thinking about what status will get the most ‘likes’ on Facebook, how I can network more efficiently on Linked In, and what’s trending on YouTube.

Sometimes, I run into something valuable like this, most times, I waste time on things that could be better spent elsewhere.

I’m not going to lie – when Timeline was first released, I was bothered, not because of it’s unique ability to bring skeletons of my past to life, but rather by how much time I’ve put into Facebook. Isn’t it ironic that for a generation who likes to communicate and build circles (a Google thing…), we can’t find fulfillment in communicating with God?

“Isn’t it ironic that for a generation who likes… [read more]

Why is The Old Testament So Boring?

old testamentAm I the only one that thinks the Old Testament is boring?  

I mean, I love some of the stories, and enjoy the Proverbs and Psalms, but sometimes doesn’t it just seem irrelevant? God seems angry, Jesus seems non-existent, and all the genealogies/measurements give me a headache.

This was my thought process for a while until one verse in the New Testament changed my entire outlook on the OT. It was John 5:39-40. Jesus is talking to the good ol’ church people of His day (Pharisees) and they were asking Him what authority does He have to do what He does, because the Old Testament, which they had practically memorized, claimed that someone must have authority outside of themselves bearing witness about their power.… [read more]